The Battle River Local #32 is divided in to several committees to serve you better.

The Executive Commitee

  • President
    Karin Brusse-Paterson,
  • Vice President
    Katherine Cook
  • Secretary
    Denise Read -Lopes
  • Treasurer
    Candace Hodder
  • Local Communication Officer
    Clayton Roe
  • District Representative
    Elaine Willette-Larsen,
  • Past President
    Dave Andreassen,

Political Action Committee

  • Local Political Action Field Coordinator(s)
    Ross MacDonald, NorthStar Outreach School
  • Executive Committee Members

Economic Policy Committee

  • Economic Policy Committee
    – Karin Brusse-Paterson, Killam Public School
    – Kelly Arial, Charlie Killam School
    – Don Murphy, Sparling School
    -Ross MacDonald, NorthStar Outreach School
    -Jerrit Brandt, Cornerstone Christian School

    – Vada Lindstrand (EPC Chair)

Local Council

  • TBA

Professional Development Committee

  • Katherine Cook, PD Chair, C.W. Sears School

Retirement and Induction

– Karin Brusse Paterson

– Katherine Cook

ARA Delegates Committee

  • Karin Brusse-Paterson, Killam Public School
  • Caroline Simonson, CCHS
  • Jim Allan, Retired
  • David Andreassen, PACE Outreach

Liaison Committee

  • TBA